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TATTOOED MOTHER FUCKERS - "A Collection of Hate" CDx2


Product CodeTHUG005

2017 double CD release of all the bands 7", compilation, split albums and some unreleased tracks. With a 16 page booklet.


1-1     Hate Edge     
1-2     We Are Family     
1-3     All We Wanna Do     
1-4     T.M.F     
1-5     Short N Sweet     
1-6     Another Scar     
1-7     Bring The Hammer Down     
1-8     Driven By Hatred     
1-9     Rebel-Resist-Exist     
1-10     Same Old Shit (Another Fucking Day)     
1-11     Welcome To The Pack     
1-12     War On The Terraces     
1-13     Bro Hymn     
1-15     Hey Ho, Let's Go     
1-16     Join Up (Join In)     
1-17     Three Things On My Mind     
2-1     So Full Of It (Bullshit)     
2-2     Fuck This-Fuck That-Fuck Everything     
2-3     I Spit In Your Face     
2-4     Violence Reigns Supreme     
2-5     Deadset     
2-6     I Am The Doctor     
2-7     Who?     
2-8     It Belongs To Us     
2-9     Tough Man     
2-10     Heart Full Of Hate     
2-11     Fuck You (And You Too)     
2-12     Mad World     
2-13     Welcome To The Grey Zone     
2-14     Fuck Of And Die     
2-15     F.T.S (We've Gotta)     
2-16     I Hate You And You Hate Me     
2-17     Just Like Clockwork     
2-18     Kastelein


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