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TATTOOED MOTHER FUCKERS - "A Collection of Hate" LPx2


Product CodeTHUG005LP

A double LP release of all the bands 7", compilation, split albums and some unreleased tracks. Black vinyl limited to 300 handnumbered copies.


A1     Hate Edge     
A2     We Are Family     
A3     All We Wanna Do     
A4     T.M.F     
A5     Short N Sweet     
A6     Another Scar     
A7     Bring The Hammer Down     
A8     Driven By Hatred     
A9     Rebel-Resist-Exist     
B1     Same Old Shit (Another Fucking Day)     
B2     Welcome To The Pack     
B3     War On The Terraces     
B4     Bro Hymn     
B5     Hey Ho, Let's Go     
B6     Join Up (Join In)     
B7     Three Things On My Mind     
C1     So Full Of It (Bullshit)     
C2     Fuck This-Fuck That-Fuck Everything     
C3     I Spit In Your Face     
C4     Violence Reigns Supreme     
C5     Deadset     
C6     I Am The Doctor     
C7     Who?     
C8     It Belongs To Us     
C9     Tough Man     
D1     Heart Full Of Hate     
D2     Fuck You (And You Too)     
D3     Mad World     
D4     Welcome To The Grey Zone     
D5     Fuck Of And Die     
D6     F.T.S (We've Gotta)     
D7     I Hate You And You Hate Me     
D8     Just Like Clockwork     
D9     Kastelein    

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