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About Us

Streetrock Records was formed in 2012,  as a small distribution service, focused primarily on distributing underground Oi! and Punk imports. In 2013, we began producing and distributing our own label and releases, working with bands from all over the world. To date, we have 14 independent releases that have been distributed worldwide. We pride ourselves on the relationships and solid reputation that we've built over these years. We've worked closely with the bands that we've released, allowing them to have their say (without apology) and making sure everyone is satisfied with the final product.

Unfortunately, due to the 'political correctness' plague that has wormed itself even into the underground Oi! and punk world, most of our releases have been blacklisted and the cost of operating has become unfeasible. As such, as of 2017, we have ceased production of new releases. While we continue to distribute our own releases and those of the bands and labels that we've worked with over the years, we have no immediate plans on releasing anything new for the time being. 

That's not to say that Streetrock Records is "dead". Rather, it's on hiatus while we regroup and seek new and viable ways of spreading the SOUNDS OF THE STREET! While most or all of our releases have been blocked or banned for distribution on that medium, our discography and release information can be found on DISCOGS.